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About me

My name is Luis Marino and in my main profession I am an Organizational Development Consultant with continuous business improvement coaching. Perhaps you remember me from speaking on various radio and television shows, or writing in magazines and newspapers as Coach Luis Marino (you can find me like this on Instagram), or find out more about me on 

Photography has been a practice that I have liked since I was a child and my style is to adapt to what the client wants and needs from composition to editing.

If you ask me:Why hire a photographer if my cell phone gives me good quality photos?

My answer is: I totally agree with you, the best cell phones of the moment can take high quality photos, but not even the best camera in the world makes a good photographer, nor does the best oven make the best chef, nor does the best car, the best driver.

You will not buy photos; You hire me for you to enjoy a moment that will probably never happen again in your life so that you are totally present with your family and friends. 

You hire me so you don't have to spend time editing photos and do it professionally and with professional tools.

You hire me because I see opportunities for angles, lighting, movement and I guide people to a better posture and shot.

You hire me because you don't want to be behind a lens or your cell phone waiting for a moment to occur and capture it.

You hire me because you want someone who won't fail you to show up and document everything you need.

You hire me so you don't have to lend your equipment, rent or buy what you need to take beautiful photos.

I will never sell you something you don't need, so if you still think Why hire a photographer if my cell phone gives me good photo quality? Let's save time and let me provide an excellent service to someone who appreciates the comfort and art of professional photography in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico or any other part of the Mexican Republic, as well as in the United States.

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Contact me

Dr. Ignacio Pesqueira, Col. Centenario

Hermosillo, Sonora 83260

Phone: 662-387-5923

Thanks for contacting me.

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